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Our mission is to empower, educate, and advocate for the residents of the Riverwest neighborhood.

Minutes & Agendas


Wednesday, August 12th, 2015
7:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: Gordon Park Pavilion – 2828 N. Humboldt Ave.

Future meetings schedule:

September 9th, 2015

October 14th, 2015

November 11th, 2015

If you have any questions or would like to be added to the agenda for an upcoming meeting,
Contact: board@my-rna.org


No events to display.


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No events to display.

If you’d like your event on the RNA calendar, please email board@my-rna.org or tech@my-rna.org.

If you wish to express your concerns regarding any of these applications, per the City, you should contact the License Division by email at license@milwaukee.gov or send a letter to the License Division at 200 E. Wells St., Room 105, Milwaukee, WI 53202. The email or letter should include the following: Your name, Your mailing address, The specific reason for your concerns. If the email or letter is received in a timely manner, you will receive notification when the application will be scheduled before the appropriate Common Council committee for review and hearing. You may also wish to call your local Alderperson at (414) 286-2221 to discuss your concerns. If you have any other questions, please call the City Clerk License Division at (414) 286-2238.




Anyone living in Riverwest is invited and encouraged to attend the monthly General Meetings. There is no cost for membership.

Usually 10-20 people come to each meeting and we talk about all sorts of stuff related to the neighborhood, such as improving safety, protecting the Milwaukee River, local business openings and closures, upcoming events and opportunities, and more.

Any resident is welcome to take part in the discussions or to just sit back and listen. Either way, it’s a good chance to get to know some of the people who are active in our community, to learn more about the local resources available to you as a resident of Riverwest, and to take part in the decisions we make together about our neighborhood.

Unlike other neighborhood associations, RNA requires no dues for membership. Any resident can make announcements, make motions for the group to discuss and/or vote on, propose items for the next meeting, propose changes to the Bylaws, and take part in any votes that come up during a meeting.

Hope to see you there!


Mailing Groups

In order to join our mailing groups (RNA Mail and Riverwest Chatter) please send an email to rnamail+subscribe@googlegroups.com for RNA Mail or riverwest-chatter+subscribe@googlegroups.com for Riverwest Chatter.



Neighbors are strongly encouraged to come to all the various interest group meetings to inquire, offer ideas, help and volunteer for projects planned by any and all interest groups within RNA!
2011 RNA Member Survey Results
Here are the results of the survey. Please look them over and consider how the RNA can best use this information to help prioritize our goals for the next year.

General Riverwest boundaries:
Capitol Drive to the North
Milwaukee River to the East & South
Richards Street to the West

Agendas & Minutes



October  2015

Current News & Happenings

Riverwest Neighborhood Association Board created an event. ...

Riverwest Neighborhood Association neighborhood Meeting

October 14, 2015, 7:00pm - October 14, 2015, 9:00pm

Gordon Park

The RNA meets monthly the 2nd Wednesday of the month. We talk about what is happening in the neighborhood, events that are going on. We also invite new businesses to come to meet the neighbors and talk about the business. We support our neighbors ideas and concerns. The October meeting will be nominations for new board members with the elections at the November 11th meeting. The December meeting is pot luck end of the year clelbration. Hope is see you.

This is a great media to post events, sales. and other issues important to our neighborhood. We also post a lot about crime, when, where and what. Questioning how to describe an individual, who to call. Tonight was the RIverwest Neighborhood Association Safety committee. 7pm at Colectivo's . 1 person showed. 1 plus myself and officer Lammers. Really neighbors. I am amazed that we do not have an hour a month to attend a safety meeting when we have crime and i might say a bit of it in our neighborhood, 27 cars were stolen in the last 21 days... that my friends is over a car a day. If more attended meetings we could all be more informed and perhaps take action, like a Block Club. With all the car theft most of my neighbors do not use a club or other devises that deter stolen cars. An example of how this might solve some of the theft, this past Saturday evening a van in front of my van on my block was broken into and his column pealed. He did not get the car but the owner had to deal with a broken window and pealed column. I had a club on my van...It has been stolen before and told easy to steal. It is a deterrent . Think about it, If you have a Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, Honda Accord or Civic you can get a FREE club.. If your car has ever been stolen you can get a club.. District 5 will be having an event later in October to give out Clubs, more information to follow, and if you want one now go to D5 and ask.
We can all help make this a safer neighborhood by less bitching and more doing. Form a block club so you can share information. Turn on your outside lights, lock doors and windows, report crimes as they happen and watch out for your neighbors. Think about coming to a meeting. I try to keep it rolling and only an hour. You can share your concerns and ideas. I as your neighbor would appreciate it. Thanks

Hi Neighbors.
Check out the Currents for our article about the RNA and the upcoming November elections and October nominations. We have done some good things this year and are excited about 2016. We have a website being done that we can be proud of boosting about our neighborhood and all we are about. If you have any great pictures you believe would work on the website please let us know. Any events you want us to hi light also contact us. Together we can get things done.

Hi everyone. Hope all is well in our neighborhood. Please look for our article in the October Currents. We will be having board nominations at the October 14th meeting. We hope you will come out and be a part of the Neighborhood Association. In the Currents article you can learn what we are about, and what we do. We look forward to serving with you. ...

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